1.The travel arrangements are the responsibility of JPTO – Bike in in Portugal Lda, hereinafter abbreviated to BikeinPortugal, based at Quinta de São João – 7540-061 Escatelares Santiago do Cacém, with a capital share of € 40,000.00, registered at the Conservatória do Registo Comecial of Lisbon / VAT number 510795811 and registered in the national register of travel and tourism agencies (RNAVT No. 4844) and the National Tourist Entertainment Agencies Register (RNAAT 107/2015).

2.The risks arising from BikeinPortugal’s activity, particularly the activity shown on the internet site www.bikeinportugal.pt. are covered by a liability and personal insurance contract by Companhia de Seguros Tranquilidade, in terms of the legislation in force.

3.Enrollment will only be concluded by sending the Application Form duly completed to Bike in Portugal, together with payment related to the amount of the reservation, and after this amount credited in the company’s bank account. Booking values:  – Programs of 1 and 2 days: 100 € – Programs of 3 days: 500€ –  Programs of 4 to 8 days: 1500 €

When sending the Application Form, the client:

a) Is aware of the information and the Terms and Conditions, in particular those concerning the Tour Program,descibed on the website www.bikeinportugal.pt;

b)  Fully accepts the Terms and Conditions of Participation, as well as Paticular Conditions for Participation included in the Travel Program which he enrolls;

c)  Assumes that he is in proper health conditions to participate in the journey and accepts all risks inherent to this trip namely, including those arising from the impossibility of immediate access to medical care and commits to inform Bike in Portugal of any physical or psychological limitations that may occur during the trip;

d)  Assumes to be aware of the kind of physical, cultural and psychological demands that envolves the travel and accepts them, also accepting that these may produce unforeseen occurences such as personal injury, illness, loss or material damage, inconvenience and uncomfortableness;

4.The customer agrees to pay the remaining cost of the travel within 20 days before departure date. By not doing so, Bike in Portugal reserves the right to cancel the enrollment.

5.The expected hours of departure and arrival at each destination are informed daily during the Travel Program.

6.If the customer wants to cancel his trip he must do so in writing, sending an email addressed to Bike in Portugal, having to pay all charges that are related to the withdrawal and also a percentage that can reach 15% of the total price of the trip.If this be necessary, the customer will be reimbursed for the difference between the amount already paid and the above amounts.

7.As an alternative to the preceding paragraph, the customer may be replaced by another person who satisfies all requirements to participate in the trip, provided he infoms Bike in Portugal in writing at least 7 calendar days before the date set for departure. The assignment of the enrollment assumes liabilty fo the assignor and the assignee to pay the price of the trip as indicated in the previous paragraphs 3 and 4 and the additional costs generated by the assignment.

8.If the client wishes to change his enrollment to another date of the same tour, or book another tour available at a later date, he should inform Bike inPortugal in writing and shall bear the costs and expenses resulting from the change. When the change takes place within 10 days of the departure date of the trip in which the client is enrolled, or if service providers do not accept the amendment, he is subject to the fees and charges set out in paragraph 6.

9.The prices are valid for travels enrolled in the respective tour program period and were calculated based on the costs of the services provided therein. They can only be changed up to 20 consecutive days prior to the scheduled departure and in case of variations in the cost of transportation or fuel, dues, taxes or fees or exchange rate fluctuations. Changes in prices can not have a higher percentage than that seen in these recent factors.

10.The minimum number of participants is indicated in the Travel Program. Not having the minimum number of participants, Bike in Portugal can:

a)make the trip with a smaller group


b)cancel the trip, reimbursing the customer for all amounts paid, no other payments are due by Bike in Portugal by the termination of the contract. Bike in Portugal should notify customers in writing within 5 calendar days prior to the date scheduled for the departure.

11.Customers must have with them their valid personal identification documents.

12.When there are justified reasons, Bike in Portugal can change the order of routes, the time of departure or replace any of the accommodations provided by others of similar category. If unforeseen circumstances force them to suspend any trips, customers will always have the right to a refund of values paid.

13.If Bike in Portugal was to become unable to provide some essential service in the Travel Program, the customer has the right to give up the journey, and be reimbursed for all amounts paid or, alternatively, accept a possible change and any change in price. If such facts may determine the cancellation of the trip, the customer can also choose to participate in another trip with equivalent price. If the replacement package offered has a lower price, the customer will be refunded for the difference.

14.As orgaized and planned trips, Bike in Portugal cannot be held responsible if:

a)  The cancellation is based on the fact that the number of participants in the tour is less than the minimum required and the customer is informed in writing of the cancellation within the period specified in the program,

b)  The failure does not result from over bookings and is due to situations of force majeure or fortuitous event, caused by abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances, that bring consequences that could not have been avoided;

c)  When there is evidence that the failure is due to the client’s conduct or actions of a third party not connected to the supply of services under the contract and which Bike in Portugal Lda could not predict;

d)  Legally no right of return can be triggered against third providers of services under the contract, in accordance to the applicable law;

e)  The service provider for accomodation can not be held responsible for the damage, destruction or theft of luggage or other items.

15.After starting the trip no refund is due for services not used by the customer. The failure to provide services, offered in the Travel Programm, for reasons not realated to Bike in Portugal, and if it is not possible to replace it by other equivalente service, the customer has the right to be reimbursed for the difference between the price of the services offered and the price of services actually used.

16.The follow-up of our group always starts the day before the trip or at an alternative location indicated previously, except when otherwise specified in the Travel Program.

17.Bike in Portugal has a complaints book which will be provided promptly and free of charge to customers whenever it is requested.

18.Complaints will only be considered, provided they are presented in writing and signed, within a period not exceeding 30 days after the end of the trip. The complaints can only be accepted if they have been reported to Bike in Portugal in writing during the tour or the accomodationd. Any emerging conflict shall be resolved by the Judicial District Court of Lisbon, with the express exclusion of any other.

19.In all matters not governed by these Terms and Conditions and the Particular Conditions of Participation, Portuguese law will be applied.

20.The Particular Conditions of Participation set out in the Travel Program in which the client enrolls are an integral part of the travel contract and complete the Terms and Conditions of Participation. These provisions are in accordance with the Decree-Law No.61/2011, May 6, with the changes provided by Decree-Law No.199/2012 of 24th August, which regulates the activity of travel agencies and tourism.