The Bike in Portugal team comes from many different professional backgrounds.

The origins, the experience and the different training of each member of the team contribute a great deal to our proposals.

Our different backgrounds, which complement each other so well, are much appreciated by our customers.

We are all, admittedly, huge fans of e-bikes. It could not be otherwise since we were pioneers in this wonderful option, at a time when very few believed in it. But for us, they are the tool that allows us to design our programs as ambitiously as we do.

That is why we are proud of also being the only ones in the world to present trips off the usual tourist routes, off-road and exclusively using e-bikes.

Bike in Portugal’s team, collaborators and partners are all very focused on an ambitious project which covers almost all of Portugal through our trips. We offer several different trips but all provide a unique experience which can be softer for new discoverers or sportier in nature.

At the same time, we use our store as a way to meet our customers needs related to the use of e-Bikes and travel. But, also, we have training courses for the best use of the E-Bike, whether for safety, or for increasingly sought after sport related matters. These are provided through professional coaching and bike skills.