My academic background was in Advertising, namely in the Media and Marketing areas.

I began my professional career in advertising agencies, first in Porto and then in Lisbon, through an invitation received by Publicis. I worked in the Media department in the agencies, responsible for the management of the annual Media plannings for large companies such as L’Oreal. A brief passage by a media agency was enough to realize that I wanted to do other things in life and get involved in events and big productions.

In 2003, the real challenge of my professional life began, joining the company Aventuras no Mundo. I developed a series of truly challenging and motivating projects, the “Algarve smart tour”, the expeditions to Dakar among many others, which led me to know a side of myself, so far not present : the passion for bikes.

In 2006 I accepted the challenge to participate in a 4-day bicycle trip, from Troia to Sagres, with almost no physical preparation but a strong desire to overcome the challenge. They were 4 unforgettable days that completely changed my relationship with the bike and the sport. Currently, in addition to biking, and to maintain some physical shape, I go to cycling classes on a weekly basis.

The project Bike in Portugal conciliates bike rides with the innovative challenge of organizing trips and showing our travelers a unique Portugal, unlike anything we are used to, in a trip that provides welfare, a unique experience, a sensation of freedom and of overcoming a challenge.